Responsibilities of the 21st-Century Educator

This module begins with the foundational 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) and how those components contribute to educational practice. Learners will explore Professional Learning Networks and tools to create them; explore global awareness, global empathy and how to connect a classroom to the global community; and look at student-centered instruction and the use of digital strategies to promote such instruction.

7 weeks, 1.0 CEU (general, digital learning)

Currently scheduled sections

Instructional goals and learning objectives

  1. The learner will understand the responsibilities of the 21st century educator and why they are important.
    1. Recall the 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity).
    2. Plan the teacher’s responsibility in reflecting the 4Cs in their professional practice.
    3. Explore the qualities of good digital citizenship in the classroom.
    4. Apply the qualities of good digital citizenship in the classroom.
    5. Understand how data informs teacher practice.
    6. Implement the use of data into teacher practice.
  2. The learner will understand the importance of collaboration in growing as a professional.
    1. Understand what a professional learning network is in the 21st Century.
      (Reference the fact that professional learning resources are a piece of the PLN, but the collaboration
      is what makes it a network.)
    2. Explore a variety of professional collaboration resources.
    3. Create a personalized professional learning network.
    4. Expand your professional learning network beyond your school and district.
  3. The learner will analyze what it means to be a global citizen.
    1. Define global awareness.
    2. Understand global empathy.
  4. The learner will implement global awareness in the classroom.
    1. Explore websites/resources to connect with other classrooms globally.
    2. Integrate global issues into daily classroom instruction (as outlined in the P21 framework).
  5. The learner will explore some of the latest digital and mobile technologies to transform how students communicate, collaborate and create.
    1. Identify some research-based models for student centered learning.
    2. Explore multidisciplinary approaches to engage students.
    3. Investigate the use of digital tools that will allow students to produce, share and evaluate their learning.
    4. Promote the integration of digital tools in daily instruction.

Alignment to North Carolina standards

Course schedule

  1. Week 1: The 21st-Century Educator
    1. Introduction
    2. The 21st Century Framework and the 4 Cs
      Activities: Fill in your 21c rainbow template and share a strategy in the discussion forum.
      The 4C’s Wiki
  2. Week 2: Data Literacy and Digital Citizenship
    1. Data Literacy
      Discussion Forum: 21st Century Skills
    2. Digital Citizenship
      Discussion Forum: Time spent on the Internet
      Wiki: Digital Citizenship Policy
      Discussion Forum: Digital Citizenship
  3. Week 3: Professional Learning Networks
    1. What is a PLN? and Why Do We Need One?
      Activity: Develop a presentation using PowToons and discuss what you learned.
      Discussion Forum: PowToons
      Discussion Forum: PLNs
    2. Exploring Tools for a Personal Learning Network
      Activity: Explore PLNs created using web tools.
      PLN Tools Wiki
    3. Creating your own PLN
      Activity: Start creating your PLN.
      Wiki: Creating a PLN
      Discussion Forum: PLN task
  4. Week 4: Netiquette and Global Awareness
    1. Netiquette
      Discussion Forum: Netiquette
      Discussion Forum: Reducing Risks in having a PLN
    2. Implementing Global Awareness in the Classroom Page
      Discussion Forum: Global Awareness
      Wiki: Interdisciplinary Connections
      Discussion Forum: Current Events
  5. Week 5: Connecting with classrooms globally

    1. Connecting with Other Classrooms Globally
      Discussion Forum: Global Challenges
      Discussion Forum: Classroom Examples
      Wiki: Global classroom opportunities
    2. Skype in the Classroom Page
      Activity: Write a personal commitment.
  6. Week 6: Global Citizenship, Global Awareness, and Global Empathy
    1. Global Citizenship
      Discussion Forum: Global Awareness
      Discussion Forum: Global Education
    2. Global Empathy
      Activity: Global awareness survey
      Wiki: Global Competence
      Activity: Define global empathy; send message to the Global Classroom project.
      Discussion Forum: Global Empathy
      Wiki: Global Classroom Project
  7. Week 7: It’s All About Student Learning After All
    1. Student Centered Learning
      Activity: Watch a video and reflect; read resources and post in a response in Padlet.
      Wiki: Student Centered Learning
      Wiki: Project Based Learning
      Discussion Forum: Benefits/Disadvantages of PBL
    2. Evaluating the Appropriateness of Digital Tools for 21st Century Learning
      Discussion Forum: TPACK Framework
    3. Assignment: Technology Integration
      Discussion Forum: Learning Tools